“Not all travelogues need to be heavy philosophical discourses, or ignore the effect of shoes on the world’s economy...a must-read.” – Portland Book Review

"Gretchen is the perfect heroine...and one of the funniest authors I've ever stumbled upon." - Chick Lit & Wine

 “…a fun, fast summer read that may have other beachgoers giving you strange looks when you laugh out loud, which will be often.” – The Coast News

“…funny stories and cultural observations…” – Kirkus Reviews 

“SO smartly written and freakin’ hilarious, I promise that you’ll fall in love with Gretchen on page one.” - Chick Lit Is Not Dead 

“Most books about Iraq are deadly serious, this one is hilarious.” – Vulpes Libris

“…the perfect book for anyone (especially those Sex and the City fans) looking for a fun read about sand in your designer shoes.” – Bookhounds 

“Overall, a fantastic read and a really fun time!” – Chick Lit Plus



About the Author 

Gretchen Berg is a writer with a Bachelor’s degree in something completely unrelated to writing. Her parents both encouraged her to pursue writing in spite of the fact that her early diary entries read like this: Today was Monday. It was cold. We played in the snow. Somewhere along the way she learned to add adjectives and flesh out characters. Gretchen is a Cancer, with Scorpio rising, who was born and raised. She wishes people dressed up more.